The Minimalist Golf Swing

The Minimalist Golf Swing ( MGS ) is a style and approach to swinging a golf club that is fundamentally and radically different from classic golf swing instruction. It was developed and invented by Mrs. Kiran Kanwar, a teaching professional who hails from India, though she spends time stateside each year from April to September, teaching her wonderful approach to all who have an open mind.

Mrs. Kanwar has 20 years experience as a golf instructor. She’s a Class A teaching professional with credentials from the LPGA, the PGA (UK), the PGA of India, and the National Golf Academy of India. Among other titles, Mrs. Kanwar won the Ladies All-India Open Amateur Golf Championship in 1983. Here is a more complete description of her  background and credentials.

MGS In A Nutshell

This site serves as a “one stop shop” starting point for those wishing to get the gist of MGS. There is a lot of information scattered about on this wonderful approach, and hopefully, by starting here, you can get the basics. This site is owned and operated by Kevin McMullen, owner of Authentic Golf, and author of the book  A Blueprint For Golf Excellence – Building A Swing You’ll Never Forget 

Why MGS? How did this all come about?

Well, the short story is I came to MGS out of necessity. I injured my back and needed to try and find a way to swing that would allow me to compete in my upcoming club championship. I somehow ended up watching some of Mrs. Kanwar’s videos, it seemed to make sense, I tried the swing and was able to not only compete, but actually qualified, being the only 50+ yr old to qualify for the scratch division.   If you want to read the long story, you can read about it on the My MGS Story blog, and if you have an MGS story or question, feel free to chime in there too!

 What is MGS, and Why is It Different

In a word, the MGS is well, MINIMAL! Everything about it is such that it requires the minimum effort on the part of the golfer in order to execute a good swing. Whereas much of golf instruction wants the golfer to make things happen, the MGS approach is to let them happen. Here are some of the distinguishing aspects of the MGS

  • There is no turning of the shoulders or hips back and through as the swing is made
  • There is no rotating of the arms, no conscious rotation
  • There is no conscious setting of the wrists
  • There is no weight shift in the traditional sense
  • The downswing starts as a simple gravity drop of the arms, not by the lower body.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the most distinguishing aspect is that  IT IS SO EASY TO LEARN AND IT WORKS! 8-)

From The Inventor – A Brief Explanation

Now I realize that after reading the above, some eyebrows are definitely being raised. That’s okay, any new paradigm is always challenged and questioned before it is accepted. The good news is that it holds up to the inspection quite well, as the MGS approach can be validated by any golfer in a very short time frame. So before we get into too much of the hows and why’s, let’s watch a brief video by Mrs. Kanwar herself, where she gives a nice and humorous overview of her unique approach to better golf.