Beyond The Basics – MGS Step By Step

Many of you have asked for more detailed MGS instruction. The reason being, most of us have “got MGS” from watching various YouTube videos, reading Kiran’s book, following various forum posts, and private correspondence and phone calls.  There still are some things that are unclear, confusing, and sometimes contradictory.  Many have commented that Kiran’s book is written for the pure beginner, and that you would like to see something more.  So without further ado I have begun that task.  Watch this brief video and stay tuned for the release of more detailed MGS instruction.

 So, the obvious questions are what will be covered in the new material, how will it be presented, and of course what will be the cost.  The first thing you should know is that there’ll be plenty of video content as many people really seem to find this the most helpful way to learn.  The content will focus on clarifying key points regarding MGS, and will provide a step-by-step detailed approach toward learning the swing in its entirety.  Common questions such as how much twist, how much forward bend, position of the arms, will all be covered.  Once the basic swing and learning system has been developed, some of the finer points will be delved into.  How to hit a fade, how to hit a draw, club specific details and adjustments will all be covered.  There will be a section on the short game, and putting.

As to the cost, I wish I could do it for free, and frankly I could.  But I am not willing to anymore.  I know my stuff works, plenty of people have told me how much they appreciate and get value and benefit from my presentations, videos, and writings.  I’m glad, but as it says in the Scripture,”the laborer is worth his wage” and “don’t muzzle the oxen“. I put up the donation button thinking that people would respond with donations in keeping with the benefit they have received and to show their appreciation, but only a few responded. My site runs ad free, and while it would be a simple matter to monetize the site, my feeling is that your experience will be degraded. Still, this all takes time and with the arrival of my new son time ( and time is money) is at a premium and I have a bunch more bills to pay.  So if I’m going to spend the time doing this, I need to get paid.

Those those that have already donated will receive the content for free, and hopefully will comment as to the quality and the value of the new material.  I have had many many people tell me they are playing the best golf of their life after switching to the minimalist approach.  That’s certainly got to be worth something! So stay tuned, and look for some introductory content here in the next week.