How Much Twist in the MGS Golf Swing?

This is a subject and a question that is probably one of the most frequently asked question concerning the minimalist golf swing.  The question should also be not only how much twist, but also how to twist and how not to twist. So in this lesson we will discuss how to set the proper amount of twist and give you some check points and reference guides so that you know you are making the correct MGS set.

If you watch my videos from last year you’ll see that I make my MGS twist and set in manner that has my twist or turn outside the width of my feet. This created problems getting back to a good impact position, though because I maintained my MGS set so well, I was still able to hit the ball fairly well.  Let me illustrate.  First let’s compare my MGS set from one of my instructional videos from last year -”Getting into MGS Posture” with my MGS set from a  recent swing and you will see some big differences:


On the left is still captured from the instructional video made last year and on the right is still captured from a very recent swing.  The red line is drawn from my nose straight down and the blue line is drawn from my shoulder straight down.  It’s easy to see now that I’m in an unbalanced position in the pic on the left and that’ll be very hard to get back to the ball from that exaggerated twist and bend.

 Notice also that my head is laid too far to the right as well, and is bent down. I have Sacto to thank for pointing this out; he mentioned that my setup on the left will cause misses to the right and that is exactly what was happening when I wasn’t able to get back to impact in proper synch. I was having to make some adjustments in the down swing that were not MGS.  Since adopting the improved twist and set up on the right my misses right are not near as severe.

 This also points out something very critical in learning this swing or any swing for that matter – That is the importance of checking your positions somehow to make sure you are doing things in the correct manner.  Most everybody has a phone that has video capability and you don’t need high speed capability to check most of the positions essential to MGS.  So video yourself while you are learning and then compare yourself to the standards that you find in the instruction, and you will be sure to improve your MGS set.