Book Excerpts From the Upcoming Blueprint 3rd edition

I thought that the best way potential readers could get a sense of and a feel for the flavor of the book’s third edition would be to put up some excerpts. Obviously if I put too much up, there will be no reason to buy the book so I will give  brief overview, on how the third edition is laid out, and then I will give you some excerpts from the book referencing back to the layout.

As I mentioned in e-mails forum posts, and conversations the third edition of the Blueprint will have all the original instruction on building a classic golf swing modeled after the key moves found in all great classic swings. The there will be a speed training section that outlines a specific training method and process for building maximum club head speed into your swing.

Then follows section on the MGS swing. Here I first compare the differences between the MGS swing and the classic golf  swing, so that the reader will have a good sense of what to expect if they want to try the MGS swing. Then I will lay out the specific drills and method for acquiring the MGS swing using the same learning model and approach that we use to build a classic swing-static holds and slow-motion swings using a mirror and lots of video checks, gradually adding speed as technique improves and habits are built.

The book closes with sections on putting, chipping, and pitching. The putting section has some very unique information regarding green reading, mapping greens, and determining the stimp of the greens on the courses you play.

So over the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing different excerpts from the different sections mentioned above for you to read for you evaluate and enjoy. You will find the excerpts as individual pages  that can be accessed by the drop down bar under this “Book Excerpts” Tab.  When you hover the mouse over the tab, it gives you a pull down of the other articles, the first one is on club head acceleration.