Hand Path – Back THEN Up For A Solid Backswing

One of the things that gets a lot of attention in the MGS golf swing is the path of the hands, or the back swing in general. In Sacto’s excellent review, (part 3) and in several of his other forum posts he cautions along these lines “…also check for a hand path that gets too far behind you“. He  said in another post that taking the hands too far inside the club head has a tendency to get behind your hands instead of outside your hands as it should be in any good BS. I have experimented a lot with  different hand paths, and trying to follow Kiran’s direction to let the club head come back while also letting the left arm rise steeply up the chest wall. After a lot of fooling around I have determined that my original instruction as mentioned in this video is the best however there are some points that need to be clarified in order to make a good MGS back swing.

This lesson focuses in detail on clarifying these aspects so hopefully you will better be able to understand just how to make the MGS back swing.  The key phrase I want you to remember is to take the hands back – then take them up.  They are two distinct and separate movements that should be learned then once learned, blended into the ideal MGS back swing. This discussion assumes you have made a correct MGS twist and set up.

The first thing that must happen is that the hands must move back, without any picking up of the lead arm, or any cocking of the wrist . They move back until they are opposite the trail thigh/hip:

 Here you can see the relation of my hands to my trail thigh/ankle. The first picture is of me in extension after completing a training swing. I have drawn a blue line straight out from my ankle. ( I put this still first so we can see the ankle) I draw my hands back until they are opposite my ankle and then I lift them up as you see in the picture on the right. THEY NEVER GET BEHIND  MY RIGHT ANKLE, AND NOTICE THAT MY LEFT SHOULDER IS NOT PULLED BACK UNDER MY CHIN LIKE IN A CLASSIC GOLF BACK SWING. When moving the arms and hands back, make sure the club stays low to the ground, and that the orientation of the shaft to the lead arm stays the same. And in this face-on hi speed video of me hitting driver, you can see how I first move the hands back keeping the club head low, and then I complete the lift of the arms:

Focusing on the position of the hands vs the club head provides a surer means of getting to the correct position at the top of swing. So make sure your hands go back first, before completing the rise of the lead arm up the chest wall. Practice these two distinct back swing moves, and then blend them for a perfect MGS top of swing position. If you keep your MGS set back and through, you will pretty much have it nailed!