MGS Forum Now Up

A new discussion forum has been launched. The forum  is simple and intuitive, yet powerful and fun. You can post :-) and :-x emoticons, link in YouTube videos, insert images and links all without having to kn ow html code. And it has a nice text editor so you can bold and italicise your text. You can also check the subscribe RSS feed option so that you can be notified of replies and podon’t have to check in to the forum if you don’t want  to. So pretty cool. You don’t have to register to read, but you do have to register to post. Enjoy and start posting!


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6 thoughts on “MGS Forum Now Up

  1. malibu427

    Kevin, I sent you this question to your email account, but haven’t heard back, so I’ll ask here. (I realize you’re very busy. ) Is there any change to the MGS setup or swing when doing bunker shots….stance open or standard MGS?…club face open?… weight on front side or even?…etc.. Thanks

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