New Three New Instruction Videos Have Been Added

I have recently put up three new instruction videos and they can be found under the MGS Primer Tab.  Since  MGS instruction suggests feet shoulder width apart, I thought it would be helpful to have a sure fire way to know what your shoulder width is. Tempo is something that we all want, but it’s like grasping smoke sometimes in terms of practicing in a meaningful manner so as to acquire tempo. Finally, there have been a lot of questions about driver and height of the hands in the back-swing, and this video addresses some of these questions.

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How to find your Golf Stance Width

Golf Swing Tempo

Wedge, Mid Iron, Driver



Too Many Moving Parts! Forum Registration Now Working

And too many late hours answering emails, phone calls, and getting a new site up for you cool MGS users! I had neglected to turn on the button open registration. I just registered a test account and it works fine now. When you register, you will be sent an email with a password. This makes you a subscriber to the MGS site, and the forum uses those credentials to log you into the forum. Then you will be taken to the “dashboard” where you can edit your profile info, and change your password to a more easily understood one. When you are done, click save and then you can click on the website in the upper left hand corner and go to the forum, and you should be logged in.

Sorry bout that gang!

MGS Forum Now Up

A new discussion forum has been launched. The forum  is simple and intuitive, yet powerful and fun. You can post :-) and :-x emoticons, link in YouTube videos, insert images and links all without having to kn ow html code. And it has a nice text editor so you can bold and italicise your text. You can also check the subscribe RSS feed option so that you can be notified of replies and podon’t have to check in to the forum if you don’t want  to. So pretty cool. You don’t have to register to read, but you do have to register to post. Enjoy and start posting!


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