A Simple View – A Simple Drill – A Simple Swing

Here is a top view of the MGS set up and down swing. In this video,  you can really see the twist of the shoulders, and the movement of the lead arm and its top of swing position with the club staying in a straight line with the lead arm. The drill is simple. Get into the MGS set. Then slowly swing to the top, holding the tilt of the right side. When your lead arm is about parallel to the ground, hold it there for a few seconds -  count of three – and then just LET the down swing happen. LET IT HAPPEN AT ABOUT 1/4 speed while learning to KEEP THE TILT AND MGS SET BACK AND THROUGH.  Do this slowly, paying particular attention that you adhere to the few but very essential MGS set up and swing fundamentals, which will be covered in detail in the paid instruction series. So load the video up into your favorite player and step through it a frame at a time, and learn the beauty and simplicity of an inside path EVERY TIME!

Note the practice station set up, and the alignment of the shoulders and the lead arm in relation to the practice station. Fool proof.