Thanks For Your Donation!

Thanks a ton for your donation! Really, I mean that. In a “Jerry McGuire” kind of way. Kind words, thoughtful compliments, and attaboys are great. But it is ALOT of work, and at the end of the day sometimes I just want to shout “SHOW ME THE MONEY JERRY!” And if you are not familiar with that movie, my wife Kim has a saying that conveys the same idea…

“I appreciate the praise, but you can’t put praise in the bank!” 

So yes it does mean a lot that you thought enough to express your appreciation in a tangible way. But it means more in another sense that may be overlooked….

It means that my stuff really works! Now I know in my heart it does, but still it is nice to know from others, and it encourages me to keep on keeping on. The way I see it is, if someone is willing to separate themselves from some of their hard earned cash, they must have really received a benefit – they certainly wouldn’t send me a donation if they weren’t helped! I know I don’t donate to causes or folks I don’t believe in or that don’t really help people. So thanks.

And now it is time to give back even more.  As thanks for your donation, I would like you to have a free copy of my new speed training program “The Need For Speed”. This is a proven program that is guaranteed to increase your swing speed and help you hit the ball farther. To receive your down load, please email me with the address you wish to receive the download link for the book.

And thanks again for your support!




One thought on “Thanks For Your Donation!

  1. willyinnv

    I’d sent more – but my credit is so bad, most places won’t even take my cash, unless it’s countersigned!!! Also, my 15yr. old car, a small ‘classic’ M-Benz, has a leak, and is gonna gobble up some more of my time and $$$. Best to ya, Sir Kevin

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