The MGS Primer

So you don’t have to keep flipping around from window watching different YouTube videos, here is the three part series I did on my take on the Minimalist Golf Swing – MGS. I made these videos very soon after I had fully embraced Minimalist Golf Swing and had gleaned about as much as I could from Kiran’s site, videos, and written material. There have been some mods and changes since but the gist is all here. Enjoy.

Introduction To MGS

The MGS Setup

The MGS Swing

Well I hope you found those helpful . As I said,  that was very soon after I got into MGS. Then, a few weeks later, after some email exchanges with Kiran, I decided to make another video to help her see an easy way for me to set everything in the right relationship at set-up.

Getting Into MGS Posture

That should get you very close, if you follow the directions and IF YOU KEEP YOUR MGS POSTURE BACK AND THROUGH AS YOU SWING!



5 thoughts on “The MGS Primer

    1. realgolfer Post author

      With MGS you get pure contact IF you don’t try to muscle it, or do more. It is very important to stay in your posture especially as you make the downswing. If you raise up coming into impact, you can thin it. Fat shots are probably due to and incorrect MGS set, with ball position to far forward. Take a video of yourself swinging MGS in slow motion. Then one at regular speed. It can be any kind of camera, even one on your phone. We are looking for your body positions so the slow shutter speed does not matter.

  1. wisdomingolf

    I have started out swinging MGS-style with just my wedges. The wedge shots don’t require a huge swing, and they allow me to get accustomed to the MGS swing without having to chase any of my mishits too far. When I do hit the ball correctly, there is such a nice sound at impact and I can watch the ball rise into the air, travel fairly straight toward my target, and land nicely. I will take my time and learn the MGS swing one-by-one with every club in my bag. I guess if there is any lesson to be learned from Tiger when making a swing change, it would be don’t be in such a big hurry to go out and play. And then, when you do play, don’t have unreasonable expectations.

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